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Peace Envoy: Kieran Upadrasta Expands His Charity Portfolio

Peace Envoy: Kieran Upadrasta Expands His Charity Portfolio

DUBLIN, IRELAND, September 26, 2022/ Selfless individual extends his charity portfolio to old homes and care centers.

Kieran Upadrasta has always been passionate about giving back to society and leaving his mark on the world. This kind soul focuses extensively on charity work, from bringing fruits to nursing homes to raising money for the homeless.

Life can be tough on everyone from time to time. This statement can’t be more accurate, considering the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and lockdowns. Countless business owners and entrepreneurs went under during this period and had to start from scratch.

Kieran Upadrasta recognizes that even a glimmer of hope can be life-changing for these individuals. For this reason, he is committed to helping these struggling individuals to get them back on their feet.

Even a fully functioning member of society sometimes needs a shoulder to lean on. There is no debate that giving back in itself is a reward, and Kieran Upadrasta is ecstatic that he got blessed with this opportunity to help people in need. Furthermore, some individuals have compared this considerate soul to Mother Theresa.

His recent expansion to nursing homes is intended to direct more funds toward these facilities. Kieran hopes to help these senior citizens live comfortably with the care they deserve after years of consistent service. He further schedules personal visits to these nursing homes to uplift members and distribute gifts.

Over the years, Kieran has undoubtedly pushed the envelope to do his part in society. Kieran Upadrasta is a man of random acts of kindness, he treated the victims with sympathy, educated the poorest of the poor, and fed the homeless. He treated them like his family. All the criticisms and sly comments against him did nothing to extinguish the passion in his heart.

Kieran Upadrasta is currently working on more projects to raise awareness for cancer patients and people struggling with mental health issues. To learn more about Kieran Upadrasta and his journey, visit

Peace envoy Kieran Upadrasta was a Peacekeeper to Congo a decade ago, his intent is philanthropy, giving benefits society's neediest and most vulnerable and social well-being of educational, or other activities serving the public interest or common good.

Giving, philanthropy, selfless acts, generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering are his nature.

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